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Alephium and Proof of Less Work (PoLW) - the future of crypto mining?

Alephium: crypto mining revolution through environmentally friendly proof of less work algorithm and scalable sharding?

Kaspa mining guide: Wallet, Pool, Exchange to swap for Fiat

The ultimate guide to Kaspa mining: Set up a wallet, configure the pool and exchange Kaspa for EUR.

Kaspa: What is behind the project and what are the benefits?

Kaspa: The revolution in BlockDAG technology. A comprehensive insight into the novel cryptocurrency.

Build ASIC miners yourself: A step-by-step guide

Find out more about whether and how you can build an ASIC miner yourself and whether it's even worthwhile.

Blockchain, the origin and technology behind all cryptocurrencies

Blockchain is a breakthrough technology that is not only the origin of cryptocurrencies, but which will also revolutionize many other industries.

What is Litecoin and how does Litecoin mining work?

What exactly is Litecoin and what are the fields of application? How can you mine Litecoin? You can find out in our new blog article.

Mining mainboard guide - buy only after reading

Discover our mining mainboard tips: Find the perfect board, optimize your rig, and maximize your crypto profits.

The Nice Hash mining platform

How NiceHash makes crypto mining accessible to everyone cloud mining, mining software, and more.

Bitmain: The world's leading manufacturer of crypto mining hardware

How Bitmain became one of the most important players in the cryptocurrency industry

Mining hosting with a mining host - does that make sense?

A comprehensive guide to mining hosting and how you can maximize mining returns with a mining host.

What is Kadena and what is behind the project?

Proof of Work and Proof of Stake combined — maximum scalability and strong security.

What is Bitcoin and how does Bitcoin mining work?

What exactly is Bitcoin and how are bitcoins mined? What does the future of Bitcoin look like? Find out all of this in our new blog article.

Crypto mining with solar power

A comprehensive guide to crypto mining using solar and photovoltaic power.