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Kaspa mining guide: Wallet, Pool, Exchange to swap for Fiat

The ultimate guide to Kaspa mining: Set up a wallet, configure the pool and exchange Kaspa for EUR.

The ultimate guide to Kaspa mining: Set up a wallet, configure the pool and swap Kaspa for Fiat (EUR)

In this guide, we'll show you step by step what you need for Kaspa mining and how to set up your ASIC miner. Kaspa mining works in the same way as mining other coins. In addition to the appropriate hardware, a suitable Kaspa wallet, the Pool configuration And a stock exchange needed to exchange Kaspa for Fiat (EUR or USD) In this guide, we don't talk about the hardware, but in particular how to get your Kaspa miner to mine.

1. Setting up a Kaspa wallet for Kaspa mining

Your first step towards Kaspa mining is to set up a Kaspa wallet to which mining rewards are transferred. You can either buy this wallet via a Kaspa exchange such as MEXC or KuCoin receive, or you generate a wallet directly via the official Kaspa Webbplats. In general, we recommend that you have your own wallet with your own account (seed phrase) for longer-term storage. There are two types of wallets that you can use via the official Kaspa website.

Browser wallet: A browser wallet is easy to access and use. You can access it from your web browser. However, it is less secure than a software wallet as it is more vulnerable to online attacks. For example, the browser wallet (via looks like this:

Kaspa Browser Wallet Address
Kaspa Browser wallet

Software wallet: A software wallet is more secure because it's installed on your computer and provides better protection against online threats.

important: For all wallet variants, you must have the Save seed phrase! After generating your wallet, you'll receive a 12-digit seed phrase. This phrase is extremely important as it is the key to your wallet. It's imperative that you keep your seed phrase somewhere safe and never share it publicly or store it online. Losing this phrase means losing access to your wallet and therefore also to your Kaspa coins.

Kaspa-Mining 12 Seed-Phrase
Kaspa recovery seed phrase

2. Configure Kaspa mining pool

There are several mining pools for Kaspa mining, such as the F2Pool or the Alternatively, you can also create a pool via NiceHash Create, which is also a good option. There, it is possible to have the mined coins paid out directly via BTC. For Kaspa mining, however, we particularly recommend the F2Pool. The F2Pool is one of the oldest and most reputable mining pools with a simple user interface and solid community support.

To receive your personal pool data for the F2Pool, you must first create an F2Pool account. Visit the website of F2Pool and follow the instructions to verify and set up your account.

If necessary, you can often change the language in your browser settings to read the next steps in your desired language.

In order to obtain the correct pool configuration so that the correct pool address is stored on the miner, you must now select “Kaspa” as currency at the top of the start page and then find the relevant pool address below. For ASIC miners and mining within the EU, the following address must be entered - pool address: stratum+tcp: // (see screenshot below).

Kaspa Pool Links (F2Pool)

The pool data can now be entered directly in the miner's interface. For Antminers and also for Iceriver miners, this is done as follows directly in the Miner Dashboard. Click on the mining settings and navigate to the pool configuration.

For “Pool address”, enter the link already mentioned above (stratum+tcp: // Now you need your chosen wallet/worker name or F2Pool username with the desired miner name. With F2Pool, this is your username or F2Pool account name (e.g. Cryptohall24). The miner name is the name under which your miner appears in your pool dashboard (e.g. kasPaminer1). You then store the data on your device in the following format: username.minerName (e.g. cryptohall24.iceriverks3).

Iceriver KS3 Interface / Dashboard
Iceriver KS dashboard/interface

If you want, you can also create a password here. On the start page, the pool status should now say that the pool is “connected,” which means that the pool is successfully connected. The miner is now linked to the pool and therefore to the personal wallet address, which means that the mining rewards are now paid out to their own wallet address. Accordingly, the mining process can now be started.

3. Mining onboarding

After your miner has successfully arrived at your site and the wallet and pool have been set up, you can start connecting the hardware. To do this, connect them to the power supply using the power cable and connect to the Internet via the LAN port.

Startup process

During the start process, the red and green status lights are continuously lit. After about a minute, the green status light starts flashing, which indicates that the miner has started successfully.

Establish access to miners

First, you must log into the miner interface using the miner's IP address. It is important that the miner is on the same network as your laptop or comparable device. There are two options for determining the IP address:

1. Program Locator: One option is to use the”locator“Program to use which on the website Minerstat is described in detail.

2. Logging in to the router: Another option is to log into your router's user interface. Select the “View Devices” option, locate the miner, and copy the IP address.

Open your web browser (Google Chrome is recommended) and enter the miner's IP address in the address bar to log in.

You will then see a user interface where you choose the default username “admin” and the default login password “12345678” to log in to your miner. For Bitmain miners, the login details are as follows: default username “root” and the default login password is also “root”.

The retrospective mining data

As soon as the miner is actively mining, you don't have to do anything else. In the best scenario, your miner runs smoothly and requires no constant monitoring. However, you can track the mining process at any time in the mining pool, as the retrospective mining data (average hashrate, temperature, etc.) are shown there. To do so, click on the homepage to see the hashrate chart. After connecting to the pool for approximately 5 minutes, you can view your miner's hashrate and hashrate graph; the graph is updated every 5 minutes. Under “Hash Board,” you can view the temperature and fan speed to monitor the miner's working status in real time.

The pool dashboard is therefore your monitoring center, where you can see exactly how many coins you have already mined or how long your miner has been online, among other things. These brief reviews enable you to ensure that your mining operation is running efficiently and provide an opportunity to identify any irregularities or opportunities for optimization.

It should be noted again that your mined coins do not go through our hands, but are transferred directly and in full via the mining pool to your own personal wallet.

Miner manual assistance

During mining, there may of course be small situations in which you have to take care of your miner manually. This is no exception, it is part of mining. For example, if your miner no longer shows activity in the pool, the device must be restarted. That is no longer a bad thing, it is completely normal. After the restart, the miner should run normally again. Normally, a restart is also the only thing that has to be carried out manually. If the miner is still not moving after 8 hours after the restart, please get in touch with us once. We then examine the miner and fix the cause.

In the event of defects within the warranty period, we will immediately repair the hardware. Normally, however, the ASICs are very robust and run solidly without any problems. However, it is always possible that a fan or the PSU (power supply) breaks down and has to be replaced, which is usually done very quickly. What happens less frequently is that a hashboard has to be replaced. However, this is also not a problem, but can be carried out by us at any time. If the miner is not covered by a warranty, we would tell you what the defect is and what a repair would cost before a repair. We would then carry out this for you inexpensively, for example, a fan only costs around 19.99€/piece. We always carry out a repair only after your confirmation.

Updating the firmware

Bitmain uploads firmware updates every few months, which users should also carry out and install on the miner. For Bitmain miners, click on the tab under “Customer Support” on the Bitmain homepage Firmware download and after selecting your miner, download the appropriate file (BMU format). There you can also see the date of the current firmware version and can therefore check whether you are still up to date. Then transfer the file to your miner via the IP address under the “update” tab using the login just described.

With the miners of iCeriver This process is identical per se. About the following link You will be taken directly to the IceRiver website where you can select the appropriate download file for your miner. The next steps are also detailed there again. After you have downloaded the appropriate download file, you must copy it to your miner via the “Firmware upgrade” tab. In the screenshot below, you can see this step on the IceRiver dashboard:

Iceriver KS dashboard/interface

4. Set up an exchange - withdraw Kaspa for fiat currencies (EUR or USD) or exchange it for other cryptocurrencies

In order to exchange the mined Kaspa coins for other coins or fiat, for example to have euros paid out to your bank account, you must create an account with an official crypto exchange that has Kaspa as a trading object. We recommend MEXC or KuCoin. Here you can create an account with MEXC or with KuCoin create. To do so, follow the steps below:

1. Account creation

Create an account on one of the two platforms (MEXC and KuCoin) using the referral links. When you register, you will be asked to enter your email address and a password. Follow the prompts to complete your registration. Verification: It is necessary to verify your identity (required by law) before you can take action. This process varies depending on the platform, but you must definitely upload personal documents (such as an identity card or passport). We recommend that you set up an additional 2FA authentication.

2nd deposit of Kaspa coins

Once your account is set up and verified, navigate to the “Deposits” section and search for Kaspa to transfer your Kaspa coins to the exchange. When your Kaspa coins are in the account, navigate to the trading section. Here you can exchange your Kaspa coins for fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

3. Payout

After trading, you can either keep your new coins or exchange the amount into fiat currency and have it paid out to your bank account. To do this, go to the Withdrawals section, fill in the required information, and follow the instructions.

4. Exchange for other cryptocurrencies

If you want to exchange your Kaspa coins for other cryptocurrencies, you can do so in the trading section. Select the currency pair you want and follow the instructions to trade.

Please note that the exact steps and user interface may vary slightly depending on the platform. It's also wise to check the fees that apply for trading and withdrawal, as well as the security protocols of the respective platforms, to make sure you're happy with the terms before continuing.

IMPORTANT: These instructions are only intended as a guide for payout or exchange, of course we do not provide any warranty or guarantee here! Note that if you make incorrect transactions (such as depositing the wrong wallet address), your coins will disappear forever.


In general, preparing for mining is very easy and, above all, requires no in-depth IT knowledge. Should you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or at the following address:

For further information, high-quality content and support on mining topics, we recommend visiting our social media channels. There you can find helpful content and stay up to date. Don't miss the chance to dive deeper into the world of Cryptohall24 Dive in — follow us on our social media platforms!

We are definitely looking forward to a good cooperation and wish you now

Happy mining and high prices at all times!

FAQ - Common mistakes and solutions:

power supply

Check that the power plug is loose or unplugged and that the power cable is securely plugged in if the red and green status lights do not come on after you connect the power supply.


If the light on the network port does not come on, check that the network port is plugged in.

High temperature

Make sure the miner is not covered. Check that the miner is in an air-circulating environment.

Hashrate doesn't reach target hashrate

Check whether the miner's surface temperature is too high. High temperatures can result in automatic downscaling. Make sure the miner is in a ventilated environment or use an external fan to reduce the temperature. Note short-term hashrate fluctuations and observe the average 12-hour hashrate. Also check if the difference between the web hashrate and the mining pool hashrate is large, as this could indicate network issues.

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With “Allow cookies” Do you agree to the storage of cookies on your device to improve website navigation, analyze site usage, and support our marketing efforts. For more information, see our privacy policy.