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Frequently asked questions
Do you have questions about mining or our services?
You can find a few answers here.

Can I start crypto mining without any previous experience?

Yes, anyone can start crypto mining, even without much previous experience. To get started, you can find lots of information on mining in general as well as guides and interesting facts on all kinds of topics on our "Knowledge" page. You can also contact us if you have any questions.

What does Cryptohall24 offer?

In addition to crypto mining hardware (ASIC miners and mining accessories), we also offer mining hosting in our modern mining farms. We can also plan and implement infrastructure projects for you or advise you on existing projects.

To what extent does Cryptohall24's consulting service go?

We at Cryptohall24 have set ourselves the goal of ensuring that our customers are profitable with their mining projects in the long term. Accordingly, we not only provide intensive advice on hardware and hosting, but also provide support on all other topics related to mining: Mining strategy, crypto wallets, mining pools, infrastructure issues or taxation of mining revenues. After all, you can only be successful with mining in the long term if you have a holistically thought-out strategy.

Is crypto mining profitable?

Crypto mining is definitely very profitable. However, profitability depends on three major factors: electricity costs, the coin price and the network hashrate.

Under what conditions is mining worthwhile in Germany?

Yes, crypto mining is also worthwhile in Germany - even though we have some of the most expensive electricity prices in the world. If, for example, you can obtain cheap industrial electricity through your company - or even better - have a solar system on your roof, mining makes sense. With solar systems, the surplus electricity is fed into the grid for a few cents, which unnecessarily increases the return on investment for solar systems. Crypto mining can greatly increase the returns on solar systems.

Can a Bitcoin miner also mine Kaspa, for example?

No, a Bitcoin miner cannot mine Kaspa. The respective ASIC miner has the so-called ASIC chips installed. The architecture of these chips is such that they can only do one thing well: calculate the respective blockchain algorithm. For example, a Bitcoin ASIC is designed for the SHA256 algorithm. Kaspa, however, is based on a different algorithm (kHeavyHash), which is why the BTC miner can only really mine coins with the identical algorithm,

Can all cryptocurrencies be mined?

No, only cryptocurrencies with a Proof of Work consensus mechanism can be mined.

How can I pay at Cryptohall24?

You can pay by bank transfer in euros. We also offer cash payments on site against receipt of a cash payment receipt. You can also pay us in common cryptocurrencies, preferably in USDT or USDC. For payments in other currencies we charge 1% extra due to exchange fees.

How does payment and shipping work? Can I collect the miners in person?

We generally only work with prepayment, which means that you must pay for the hardware in full before delivery begins. You are then welcome to collect the hardware from us in person.

If we have the devices in stock in Hamm, you can also pay for them when you collect them. We can then reserve the devices for you for 24 hours.