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About Cryptohall24

Blockchain technology is one of the fastest growing technology trends the world has ever seen. We believe that the associated cryptocurrencies in particular will have a lasting positive impact on our everyday lives. That is why we want to take our partners on their cryptocurrency journey at an early stage.

What we stand for

Fair Pricing

In the crypto sector, there are unfortunately many providers who sell bad or unprofitable hardware to unsuspecting customers for far too high prices. At Cryptohall24, we pay attention to fair & transparent pricing.

Quality Hardware & Services

We are long-standing experts from the IT & mining sector and are very familiar with hardware, mining hosting and secure operation of miners, which is why we are the ideal partner for mining operations.

100% Transparency

In our consultations, especially when it comes to profitability analyses and future prospects, we play with open cards and only use realistic values and factors. In addition, we give our honest assessment of whether the mining project is really worthwhile so that you can make a successful investment.

Customer Orientation

At Cryptohall24, we work with 100% customer orientation and your profitability is our top priority. We want to offer you great added value and provide maximum support as a partner in the world of cryptocurrencies. See for yourself, we look forward to hearing from you!

Our team

Cryptohall24 Frederik

Frederik Duerr

Cryptohall24 Nadine

Marvin Steiger

Sales Manager
Cryptohall24 Nadine

Philipp Denk

Junior Sales Manager
Cryptohall24 Philip

Moritz Lecher

IT Systems Electronics Technician
Cryptohall24 Lea

Lea Felix

Management Assistant
Cryptohall24 Nadine

Tanita Erski

Cryptohall24 Nadine

Doris Dürr

Cryptohall24 Nadine

Marius Vogel

Cryptohall24 Nadine


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Our story

The big passion of our founder Frederik Dürr is crypto mining. For a long time, he did crypto mining as a hobby and told his fellow human beings in his exhilaration Told about mining. Due to the great interest of the environment in the topic of crypto & mining, 2021 Cryptohall24 was created. Since then, Cryptohall24 has established itself as a quality leader in the crypto mining market in German-speaking countries.

Our mission

Our mission is to get cryptocurrencies out of a negative light and show our customers alternative, more profitable and more promising options compared to traditional investments (“savings bank products”). In doing so, we attach great importance to maximum professional customer service and transparent supply chains and operations. Our goal is to make the topic of cryptocurrencies and crypto mining accessible to a wide audience and we want to help more and more people proactively participate in decentralized networks, which is the deepest nature of cryptocurrencies. To achieve this goal, we rely on comprehensive education and training in the areas of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and mining. We are convinced that the crypto world will change our lives sustainably and positively in the medium to long term.

Our vision

Our vision is to help shape a pioneering future in crypto mining. With this goal, we strive to be the leading brand for first-class crypto mining hardware and green, innovative hosting solutions. As the EU's aspiring market leader in retail crypto mining, we place particular focus on our outstanding German customer support and seamless processes. We set standards through innovative technologies and strive to actively shape the digital future.

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