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Mining hosting with Cryptohall24

Are you looking for a hosting location for your ASIC miners? We have the best and cheapest locations in our modern hosting farms.
World map mining hosting Cryptohall24
Norway (Hydro)
from 8Ct/kWh
from 7,75Ct/kWh
from 6,5Ct/kWh
from 4,5Ct/kWh

Overview of our locations


0,045-0,06€ / kWh
100% renewable energy
Good climatic conditions, no import duties for hardware
Minimum purchase of 10 devices, Bitcoin and Litecoin miners only, air-cooled miners only
2 months deposit for electricity costs


0,065-0,08€ / kWh
Energy mix from the grid - high proportion of CO2-free energy
High political and economic stability, very crypto-friendly government, no minimum purchase, only air-cooled miners
2 months deposit for electricity costs


0,0775-0,089€ / kWh
100% renewable energy
EU location with ideal climatic conditions, state-of-the-art infrastructure available
No minimum order
Location only available for newly purchased air-cooled ASIC miners

Norwegen (nur Hydro)

0,08-0,095€ / kWh
100% renewable energy
Good climatic conditions, state-of-the-art hydro infrastructure available
Location is only available for hydro miners, no minimum purchase
2 months deposit for electricity costs

This is how mining hosting works with us

Once you have decided on the hardware and location, we will send you an offer (including hosting contract). After signing and receipt of payment, we will start the shipping process.
Delivery to the site
We ship your hardware fully insured to the desired hosting location, which usually takes 10-14 days. In exceptional cases, a go-live can take up to 4 weeks.
Start mining hosting
Your desired pool & wallet information is then stored on your hardware, i.e. the mined coins go directly to your wallet and not through our hands.
Constant support
During mining hosting, you can always rely on us. In addition to the secure operation of the hardware, we also take care of your queries or advise you on your mining strategy.

General information on mining hosting

German company with excellent customer service

You conclude your hosting contract with our German company, not with a foreign entity. The contract is legally binding under German law and is the most secure legal basis you can obtain for mining hosting.
Münsterstr. 5
59065 Hamm

Included in hosting

Rack space rent
Cleaning and maintenance
Firmware updates
Reboot services

Transparent prices

The hosting prices already include all services such as space rental, cleaning and maintenance, firmware updates, reboot services and the entire pro rata infrastructure on site. We are also happy to advise you free of charge during the mining process on your individual mining strategy and adapt framework factors or follow-up investments to your needs.

When you purchase hardware from us, ownership is transferred to you and you are the owner of the hardware at all times.

Locations for mining hosting

Each of the mining farms has a modern infrastructure (e.g. optimum climate control concepts and security systems), which ensures smooth operation. In addition, the hosting locations have service personnel/technicians who ensure the smooth operation of your miners.

All our hosting locations can be visited by appointment!
Frequently asked questions
Do you have questions about mining or our services?
You can find a few answers here.

Can I host my own miners at Cryptohall24?

No, we do not accept (individual) third-party devices. However, for larger quantities (10 devices or more), we can discuss hosting with us.

Do I receive support with pool selection or wallet setup?

We are happy to help you set up your mining pool or wallet. We are also happy to assist you in selecting a suitable exchange or with your first exchange of crypto for fiat money.

How do I get paid out for crypto mining?

The mined coins do not pass through our hands, but are transferred directly to your desired wallet via your mining pool. Payouts are made according to settings from an amount X or at certain time intervals.

Can Cryptohall24 also implement larger projects?

We can also realize larger projects for you. For example, we can place a dedicated hydro container (e.g. HK3 V6) in one of our farms for you. Just get in touch with us about this.

Will I receive an invoice for the ongoing electricity costs?

You will receive a proper German invoice for the ongoing electricity costs each month with VAT shown. You can pay the hosting fees in fiat (EUR) by bank transfer, by cash payment (against receipt of a cash payment receipt) and in crypto (USDT & USDC).

What happens in the event of defects? How are repairs carried out?

In the event of defects within the warranty period, we will take care of a repair promptly and free of charge. We can carry out most of the work directly on the farm, but for larger defects we send the appliances directly to the manufacturer.

Of course, we will also take care of any repairs after the warranty period, but these will then be invoiced.

Do I get access to the miner?

For security reasons, you will not receive (VPN access) to your miner. We store the required pool and wallet information on the device for you, and we also take care of monitoring and firmware updates.

Starting with 50 miners, we can set up a Foreman guest access for you. For larger quantities, we can also set up full access via your preferred software (HiveOn, ...).

How long is the minimum contract term?

The contract term is at least 12 months. We are also happy to offer you longer terms.

For annual advance payments of hosting fees and/or longer contract terms, we can offer you reduced conditions for the price per kWh.

What happens at the end of the contract term?

If the mining hosting expires after termination with us, you can collect the hardware from the mining farm or we can send the miners to your desired destination.

Can I sell my hardware used in hosting?

We are happy to sell your hardware directly in hosting. In general, we are always very quick to find interested parties who want to buy hardware that is already hosted - due to an immediate go-live. Just get in touch with us.

Do I have to pay tax on crypto mining income?

Unlike a capital investment (coin purchase), mining always involves a commercial activity where you have to pay tax on the income. The holding period of one year does not apply here.

We would be happy to recommend our tax advisor, who can advise and support you in matters relating to cryptocurrencies and crypto mining.

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